Collection Eight — Holiday Ornaments

"She was made by one of my children maybe 10 years ago."

Xmas Fairy

"My favourite 'ornament' is this little kiwi that my kids move around tree so the others have to find it again."

Kiwi Tree

"... each year they serve as a reminder of how far I have come as an artist and a creator!"

Paperclip Ornament

"This reindeer sits at the base of my xmas tree every year guarding the presents!"


"This set of glass and glitter Christmas tree baubles has been in my family since the 1960s."

Poland Ornament

"These are a few of my favourite christmas ornaments that unfortunately weren't included on this year's tree due to my mum's blue and silver theme."

Blue Tree

"My girlfriend twisted these balloons for our xmas party with our friends and family and decorated our whole house with candy canes, polar bears, reindeer and bows. My parents loved them!"


Collection Eight — Holiday Ornaments

This collection invited contributors to show us their favourite holiday ornament. It could be something that brings back childhood memories or something they cherished at the time of year.

Holiday Ornament is part of the Reflections Series.

Contributors responded to the prompt "Show us your favourite holiday ornament!"

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