Collection Nine — Camera Roll

"Cat thumbs!!!"

Cat Thumbs


"My breakfast every morning while I was in Vietnam, I miss it everyday."

Vietnam Breakfast

"Grandparents <3"


"An example of the random stops in places you don't normally visit."

Road Trip

"Leftovers from a 2020 New Year's Eve party. Overconsumption / disappointment."


"A camera roll pic that always makes me smile - asking a 6 year old to makea cure for a widespread problem."

Bad Dreams

"This is my dog Bailey. This photo makes me smile because..."


"A photo of the macarons my friends got for my birthday..."

Birthday Macarons



"Turtles battling for the best sun spot."

Turtle War

"A friendly face at Cornwall Park"

Friendly Face

"Memories of the beach and places I am excited to visit..."

Memories of the Beach

"I had a rush of blood to the head buying in bulk..."

Impulse Buy

"This photo makes me smile because the two pairs of legs..."


"For the first time, I decided to try cooking a home-made veggie pie from scratch..."

Veggie Pie

"He stands watching the exhibit and is beheld by me with a camera :)"


"My emotional support babies 💕"

Emotional Support

Collection Nine — Camera Roll

This collection invited contributors to share a picture from their camera role that makes them smile. It could be an old photo that made them cringe (almost a smile), a photo that brought back happy memories, or the first photo they saw in their camera roll.

Camera Roll is part of the Reflections Series.

Contributors responded to the prompt "Share a picture from your camera roll that makes you smile."

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