"Cat thumbs!!!"

Cat Thumbs


"My breakfast every morning while I was in Vietnam, I miss it everyday."

Vietnam Breakfast

"Grandparents <3"


"An example of the random stops in places you don't normally visit."

Road Trip

"Leftovers from a 2020 New Year's Eve party. Overconsumption / disappointment."


"A camera roll pic that always makes me smile - asking a 6 year old to makea cure for a widespread problem."

Bad Dreams

Collection Nine — Camera Roll

This collection invited contributors to share a picture from their camera role that makes them smile. It could be an old photo that made them cringe (almost a smile), a photo that brought back happy memories, or the first photo they saw in their camera roll.

Camera Roll is part of the Reflections Series.

Contributors responded to the prompt "Share a picture from your camera roll that makes you smile."

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