Collection Seventeen — Reflections

"A poem of reflection, found tumbling around the mind..."

Reflection Poem

"Being stuck in traffic isn't so bad..."

Moment of Joy

"Being part of the underwater world..."


"The gentle rain and cloudy weather always..."


"A walk along the beach with family and friends..."

Beach walks

"This is me after finishing my 6am shift at work..."

After work

“I use drawing as a way to reflect on myself.”

Self Portrait

"Fun in the sun and poolside hangs!"

Poolside Shadows

Collection Seventeen — Reflections

This collection invited contributors to share a picture of their reflections. These might be photos, poems or drawings of their reflections somewhere, it could be as ‘real’ (like through a mirror) or as ‘abstract’ (like their shadow on the ground) as they wanted.

Reflection is part of the Noticing Series.

Contributors responded to the prompt "Share a photo of your reflection!"

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