Collection Six — Random Things

"Recently cleaned out our kitchen's second drawer down and gave it a new purpose..."

New Purpose

"The first drawer of my desk is definitely the messiest and is ever changing..."

Ever Changing

"This kitchen drawer is in the pits. Trying to find..."

Find Wally

"This is one of my 11 year old's drawers..."

Empty drawer

"Unfortunately I have a few drawers of 'things'..."

Drawer of Memories

“Our house is kept pretty well organised and things all have their place"

Cable drawer

Collection Six — Random Things

This collection showcases people's random drawers. It may be the third drawer down in their kitchen, or something hidden in the depths of their garage. Either way, we invited people to tell us about it.

Random Things is a part of the Home Series.

Contributors responded to the prompt "Tell us about your drawer of random things."

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