Collection Twenty Seven — Colonising Research

"Wide open space - native bush. This captures the space I value..."

#1 – Wide open space

"Different shapes, different sizes, different experience. Sharing one..."

#2 – Together we rise

"In conversation with a friend, when our chatter and body language synced."

#3 – Chatter

"Listening & feeling listened to is a powerful form of validation. In this creative artefact..."

#4 – Validation

"A complicated shape (story). A feeling of "fit" with the..."

#5 – Fit

"This morning when I asked my son to take the rubbish out. He noted that..."

#6 – Communication

"My painting represents the way that one person's story can be..."

#7 – Celebrated

"Someone understood me and things and idea's grew..."

#8 – Understood

"It felt like everything was in tune and we were..."

#9 – singing the same song

"Spirals coming together: moving in, moving out responding..."

#10 – Spirals

"No box. No binarism All the colours of the rainbow."

#11 – Rainbow

"It allows the person being heard to share a piece..."

#12 – Hear

"Light @ the end of the tunnel"

#13 – Light

"Being given the time. Enables life Joy"

#15 – Time

"Felt safe and understood. Felt informed and I grew from the experience..."

#16 – Safe and understood

"Attentive listening in a calm environment, without any concern for..."

#17 – Attentive Listening

"The last time I felt listened to was when I saw my therapist two weeks ago. The blue waves..."

#18 – waves

"The intimacy of conversation unlocking a feeling that is shared. Built on..."

#19 – Shared Trust

"Last time I felt listened to was when I talked to my parents, separately, over..."

#20 – Immigrant

Collection Twenty Seven — Colonising Research

This collection invited contributors to share when was the last time they felt listened to and what they though that would look like in a research context.

Colonising Research is part of the Community Series and was a workshop that took place at the 'Connections in Action — Design for Health Symposium 2022'.

Contributors responded to the prompt "When was the last time you felt listened to, and what do you think that would look like in a research context?"

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