Collection Twenty Two — Fond Memory

MMM partnered with UXBRIDGE Arts and Culture to host a space to celebrate the things that make Howick a special place for people from all walks of life. We set up a range of ways to contribute to three special prompts in person at the UXBRIDGE centre and online. From the 20th September– 2nd November 2022, UXBRIDGE will be hosting our one-of-a-kindTell-a-phone booth and MMM Post-box, to collect contributor's photos, drawings, and poems along with the story behind them.

Contributors respond to the prompts "Tell us about your favourite place in Howick", "Tell us about a fond memory you have of Howick" and "Share with us an example of Howick's community spirit that made you proud" and are able to submit their contribution either by message or email, drop off a postcard into the MMM Post box or speak to the Tell-a-phone located at UXBRIDGE.

"Getting the pink bread at the bakery in Howick"

The Bakery

"When I was painting, I drew Among Us"

Among Us

"I like to bake. My favourite thing to make is vanilla cupcakes and melting moments..."

Baking for my Family

"I saw my friend and ..."

My friend at the library

"Going to the Howick markets on a Saturday morning..."

Howick Markets

"I like the art classes at Uxbridge because it is fun and I really like to draw..."

Art classes at Uxbridge

"When I got my cat"

My Cat

"Going to the Howick market and screaming about Harry Potter"

Harry Potter

"The time I got my first pet: Pilot the kitty"

My first Cat

"My favourite thing about Howick is the swimming classes and..."

Swimming and the Art Classes

Collection Twenty Two — Fond Memory

This collection invited contributors to tell us about fond memory they have of Howick (or their neighbourhood). Memories are a very important part of our lives. They are a time to look back to and reflect on. They can teach us important lessons. And the good ones keep us happy and motivated, even when times are tough.

Fond Memory is part of the Reflection Series.

Contributors responded to the prompt "Tell us about a fond memory you have of Howick."

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