Collection Fifteen — Food Cravings

"First cake of the lockdown."

First Lockdown Cake

“I was craving this the whole of lockdown."

Hotdog bread

“Really craving waffles! This pic was from back in..."


"My boyfriend got these cookies from work as a..."

Cookie Rations

"The food I am craving is breyani..."


"I was craving a hot chocolate this afternoon..."

Hot chocolate

"I am currently craving the chicken bacon club sandwich from my favourite cafe in East Auckland..."

Chicken Bacon Club Sandwich

Apple Cider Donuts

"The food I’m craving is my grandmother’s samosas. It pairs perfectly with a cup of tea..."




"Mum usually steams plain buns or pork buns for breakfast..."

Hedgehog Buns

"These were the best oysters ever. They made me swell up but I miss them everyday."


Collection Fifteen — Food Cravings

This collection invited contributors to tell us about the food they are currently craving. Food is a shared experience no matter where you are in the world and a great way to bring people together. The best dishes contain stories, memories and history. Sometimes though, our relationship with food can evolve into an intense and uncontrollable desire — food cravings! We asked our contributors to share with us the food they've been craving.

Food Cravings is part of the Noticing Series.

Contributors responded to the prompt "What food are you currently craving?"

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