Collection Twenty Five — Listening to Data

"Well-being sounds like random fun..."

#1 Freedom to Change

"Wellbeing has a steady + regular sound like a heartbeat at rest; familiar and ..."

#10 Like a Heartbeat

Beach waves, tempo. Well-being to me (with the sound I made not what I wanted to make..."

#12 Beach Waves

"I don't think my noise sounds like wellbeing - I couldn't create a wellbeing sound with these materials and instead found myself..."

#20 Perceiving Data

"It's quite an open sound... but it "feels" bouncy..."

#26 An Open Sound

"Sound of space & stillness -> shown by this still, empty cup..."

#28 Space and Stillness

"Like ocean waves, wind through leaves, human touch on my skin."

#2 Wind through Leaves


Collection Twenty Five — Listening to Data

This collection invited contributors to share what wellbeing sounds like.

Listening to Data is part of the Community Series and was a workshop that took place at the 'Connections in Action — Design for Health Symposium 2022'.

Contributors responded to the prompt "What does wellbeing sound like?"

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