Collection Four — Looking Forward

"A mix of some fun times before lockdown..."

Before Lockdown

"I'm looking forward to planting a garden..."


"I like to stumble onto small things that are the same, but different."


"It will be great to see the of some DIY jobs."


"I am looking forward to visiting somewhere cold this winter."

Cold air

"The small things can sometimes make a big difference."

Ice Cream

"I was missing sprinkles and especially fairy bread like you would at kids parties..."


"I look forward to more picnics with..."


"Now that I'm working from home I look forward to my lunch breaks..."

Lunch break

"I look forward to walking in the bush."


"When I scan through old photos on my phone..."

Cat time

"I look forward to going to my bach and getting out..."


"I look forward to the walks..."

Nature walk

"I look forward to receiving mail."


"I'm looking forward to frying up these homegrown oyster mushrooms for dinner."


"I'm looking forward to a time when reminders of covid aren’t everywhere."

Covid Reminders

"I am so looking forward to summer holidays, and space and time to think."

Summer Holidays

“I am looking forward to finally going back to Australia for a holiday..."


"I'm looking forward to baking! I love baking, but when..."

Loaf Tin

"I am looking forward to being able to go ride my mountain bike on trails again..."

Mountain Biking

Collection Four — Looking Forward

This collection reflects the things we are looking forward to. Whether that be something we look forward to on a daily basis, something we look forward to for the first time in a while, or something new we are looking forward to soon.

Looking Forward is part of the Noticing Series.

Contributors were asked to respond to the question "What is something you look forward to?"

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