Collection Eleven — Relaxing Spot

"Rather than my relaxing spot I thought I’d share how THE CAT seems..."

The Cat's Spot

"My room (with or without cats and friends) is my relaxing space and is filled with..."

Peak Relaxing

"My favourite spot to sit and enjoy the sun or breeze."

Sun and Breeze

"My relaxing spot is up a tree..."

Up a tree

"My relaxing spot it anywhere near the ocean."

Ocean View

"A desk could also be a relaxing spot… I enjoy replacing my keycaps here."


Collection Eleven — Relaxing Spot

This collection invited contributors to share a photo of their relaxing spot, whether that be a space in their home, at work or outdoors. Amidst the uncertainty and change the pandemic brings to our lives, it's important to have that down time to relax.

Relaxing Spot is part of the Reflections Series.

Contributors responded to the prompt "Share a photo of your relaxing spot."

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