Collection Fourteen — Something Yellow

"The first flower I noticed this spring was the daffodils growing on the domain."

First Flower

"This is my yellow jumper I got from Rome..."

Yellow Jumper

"This is a ceramic dog I got in the coramandel."

Ceramic Dog

"Sort of yellow - this is kölsch, which is the beer of Cologne, Germany..."


“My dog’s water bowl is yellow and every time she needs water she brings me the bowl."

Water Bowl

"My favourite way to start the day..."

Morning Coffee

"While being in lockdown in Tauranga I have noticed that lots of people have kōwhai trees planted outside their houses."


"This is Zoe's favorite tennis ball. I bought her a whole pack of different coloured ones..."


"Apparently no one likes the yellow lollies :("

Yellow lollies

“This is a black and yellow marble art piece I made with my friend a while back."

Marble Art

"I always have post-it notes on my desk."

Mugs and post-it notes

“When I was younger I used to DIY a lot of my dance performance costumes...”


"This book is one I picked up years ago on a whim at one of my favorite local bookstores at home in DC."

Happiness Project

"When life gives you lemons make lemonade. Life is unpredictable..."

When life gives you lemons

“There’s just something about leaving the city and heading to"

Falling lemons

"Bee is one of my little one's friends providing them joy and comfort."


“My flat had a rainbow dress up night during lockdown."

Rainbow Night

"The sun coming through my window in the morning!"

Morning Sun

"I bought this nail polish in Taiwan for about 50cents from the clearance bin..."


"This is everything in my fridge with yellow on it..."

Cool store

Collection Fourteen — Something Yellow

This collection invited contributors to find and take a picture of something yellow. The colour yellow is the most visible colour of the spectrum, and is the first colour our eyes process. It is the colour of optimism and energy, happiness and joy, sunshine and spring. We asked contributors to take a moment to find a small piece of 'yellow' in their day.

Something Yellow is part of the Noticing Series.

Contributors responded to the prompt "Find and take a picture of something yellow."

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