Collection Sixteen — Summer Activity

"I’m looking forward to waking up..."


"I’m really looks by to getting out of lockdown and..."

Mexican meal

"Although I’m not a huge summer fan, I do look forward to..."

Iced Latte

"I love to walk along Orewa Beach..."


"My favorite thing to do during summer..."


"Watermelon makes my day."


"Strawberry picking and ice cream are my must-do activities in summer."


"I love finding hidden bush walks and taking a quiet stroll in nature."


""I’m not sure if it’s my favourite summer activity, but I am really looking forward to..."


"Looking forward to seeing how busy these wonderful creature can be."


Collection Sixteen — Summer Activity

This collection invited contributors to tell us about their favourite summer activity. Summer is a great time to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. This can be walking on the beach, enjoying your favourite summer seasoned fruit, or a sport that you like to do in summer. We asked contributors to share their favourite activity to do in summer.

Summer Activity is part of the Noticing Series.

Contributors responded to the prompt "Tell us about your favourite summer activity!"

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