Collection Twelve — Thankful For

"I am thankful for all the creatures (the non-human world) and..."


"I'm grateful for the gift of music and being able to share that gift with others..."

Gift of Music

“Grateful for half-priced cakes before Easter weekend 😋"

Half-Priced Cakes

“I am thankful for music..."

Music Festival

“It’s not every day that I get to spend some quality time with my mum..."

Yellow Flowers

I am thankful for my friends. I have been doing lockdown in..."

Friends in lockdown

"I’m thankful for having a work buddy during this long lockdown..."


I'm thankful for my mum - who made..."

Siew Pao

"Despite not being able to travel to Japan..."

Japanese Food

"I am thankful for my plants. They cheer me up..."


"I’m grateful for a free muffin in a Dunkin’..."

Free Muffin

Collection Twelve — Thankful For

This collection invited contributors to tell us about something or someone they are thankful for. Often in our lives we overlook the small, seemingly insignificant things. Taking the time to give a simple thanks (a sign of appreciation and gratitude) can make all the difference to boost the morale of those around you.

Thankful For is part of the Appreciation Series.

Contributors responded to the prompt "Tell us about something you are thankful for."

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