MMM is a collaborating with the UXBRIDGE Arts and Culture to celebrate UXBRIDGE's 40th and Howick's 175th Anniversary. From the 20th September to 2nd November, UXBRIDGE will be hosting the Tell-a-phone (a telephone box with a dial phone in it that when picked up records anonymous voice messages) and the MMM Post-box (for people to submit postcards with their photos, drawings, and poems along with the story behind them). We’re inviting the community to share small, meaningful stories about their favourite place in Howick, a fond memory they have of Howick, or to share examples of Howick’s community spirit that make them proud.

Check out the submissions from MMM x UXBRIDGE collaboration by clicking one of the prompts, or viewing the entire collection below!

"I saw my friend and ..."

My friend at the library

"My favourite thing about Howick is the swimming classes and..."

Swimming and the Art Classes

"The time I got my first pet: Pilot the kitty"

My first Cat

"Going to the Howick market and screaming about Harry Potter"

Harry Potter

"I like to bake. My favourite thing to make is vanilla cupcakes and melting moments..."

Baking for my Family

"When I was painting, I drew Among Us"

Among Us

"Getting the pink bread at the bakery in Howick"

The Bakery

"When I got my cat"

My Cat

"I like the art classes at Uxbridge because it is fun and I really like to draw..."

Art classes at Uxbridge

"Going to the Howick markets on a Saturday morning..."

Howick Markets

"Howick was the first place I called home when I arrived from Scotland..."

My First Home

"My favourite place to visit in Howick is the Mangemangeroa Reserve with its variety of landscapes, including..."

The Mangemangeroa Reserve

"The garden of memories..."

Garden of Memories"

"Tried the Box Office, let all..."

Box Office

"I like the Corner Bar. Me, my mum..."

The Corner bar

"My favourite place is seeing the main street from..."

The Main Street

"I like that it has a..."

Theatre and Exercise Room

"I drew my favourite spot in..."

The Pond

I really like the view of Uxbridge Road when we come from Picton street

The View of Uxbridge Road

"My favourite place in Howick is my art class. Our class is really fun and we ..."

Drawing and Sketching in Art Class