In our current rapidly changing world, we have been collecting moments that have given us the opportunity to reflect and share what is important to us. We’ve also been trying to figure out ways to reach out differently to our community.

As part of the Festival of Emergence hosted by the Design Research Society in September 2021, we released new prompts 3 days a week for the duration of the festival. We held live collection sessions via Zoom engaging attendees to collectively respond to the release of our prompt and share their submissions in a different and engaging way.

Check out the submissions from MMM x Festival of Emergence event below!

"I’m grateful for a free muffin in a Dunkin’..."

Free Muffin

"A desk could also be a relaxing spot… I enjoy replacing my keycaps here."


"He stands watching the exhibit and is beheld by me with a camera :)"


“I’m looking forward to living in a small town with someone..."

Small Town

“I’m looking forward to going to overseas theme parks again..."


"I am looking forward to being able to go ride my mountain bike on trails again..."

Mountain Biking

"I'm looking forward to baking! I love baking, but when..."

Loaf Tin

“I am looking forward to finally going back to Australia for a holiday..."


"These were the best oysters ever. They made me swell up but I miss them everyday."


"Mum usually steams plain buns or pork buns for breakfast..."

Hedgehog Buns



"The food I’m craving is my grandmother’s samosas. It pairs perfectly with a cup of tea..."


Apple Cider Donuts

"I am currently craving the chicken bacon club sandwich from my favourite cafe in East Auckland..."

Chicken Bacon Club Sandwich

"I was craving a hot chocolate this afternoon..."

Hot chocolate

"The food I am craving is breyani..."


"My boyfriend got these cookies from work as a..."

Cookie Rations

“Really craving waffles! This pic was from back in..."


"A little natural window, into my neighbour's garden..."

Natural window

"Something I just noticed was the colour of the knobs on the toaster in my house..."

Toaster Knobs

“I’ve just noticed how nostalgic it is to go through my camera roll..."

Tonkatsu Travels

"Something I have noticed is that I have a lot of tennis balls in my yard..."

Tennis Balls

"During a walk I noticed a mint plant growing on the footpath..."

Mint Plant

“I was craving this the whole of lockdown."

Hotdog bread

"A sign of our times."